antiquities and
all objects of art  
are windows to
the past and
About Me
Greetings and welcome to RARETIQUES.COM

Antiques are windows to history and reveal the soul of the artisan
and the culture from whence it came.

All the rare jewelry on this site are part of my personal bank vault
collection and have taken many years to acquire. Many collectors
become dealers due to sheer quantity and the thrill of finding and
owning rare and unusual things.

It all began with my fathers jewelry store and the arrowheads my
grandfather found in the woods. At  six years old I started
collecting rocks from around the neighborhood. By eight years
old this progressed to regular weekend visits to my local
antiques stores. From this early age my fascination for old things
progressed to various collectibles then to Asian art and rare
antique jewelry. After experiencing many dishonest sellers from
various Internet venues I decided it was about time to create an
authoritative site of my own where people can come to reference
learn and purchase rare and unusual pieces of history.

The focus of Raretiques is rare motif antique jewelry. Only a
handful of items from my collection are shown on this site. Do
call or email if you don't find what you are looking for. I regularly
buy and trade rare and unusual antique jewelry so please let me  
know if  you are looking for a special piece and I will do my best
to find it for you. Private appointments are available in the San
Francisco bay area.

Robert Boyajian 619.808.8773 raretiques@yahoo.com

Among the different types of  jewelry  I collect, early Georgian, Art
Nouveau and mosaics are my favorite. On the bottom and far left
are fine examples of 19th century micromosaic / micro mosaic
jewelry, in the Victorian era it was called Roman mosaic. Let me
know if you have any for sale, I pay tip top dollar for good ones.
welcome to:
Robert  Boyajian,
If you have quality
items you are
interested in selling
or trading drop me
an email describing