Rare Victorian Etruscan bow  brooch with
Georgian period crystal centerpiece
15 karat gold
Brooch 1870's,  Centerpiece 1750-1780
This very well made heavy Etruscan gold Victorian brooch has a
beautiful 18th century crystal centerpiece that was once a button
worn by a dandy. Back in the 1700's stylish  dandies wore very
flashy things to attract the ladies. In Victorian times someone
custom made this into a beautiful finely  made sentimental brooch
just for this centerpiece. It measures 39mm x about 20mm.
Very rare Victorian Egyptian revival
Winged ancient scarab brooch
12 karat gold
c.1920's or earlier
Egyptian revival jewelry is scarce, on this page are several very rare
examples. This piece has a genuine ancient scarab at its center
flanked by two serpents and the wings of Isis done in fine enamel
work. The original C clasp has been replaced with a safety clasp.
In top condition. Its magnificent wingspan is 63mm wide.
Unusual and very rare heavy gold 19th century Egyptian revival
stickpin.  A beautiful cartouche with an intaglio on both sides
depicting hieroglyphics with a scarab beetle is set at the center of a
lovely gold work coiled serpent.  It measures  approximately  
83mm from the top of the serpents nose to the bottom point of the
pin. The actual circumfrance of the gold serpent and scarab
measures 25mm x 181/2mm. Its signed "Howard & co." on the pin
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Very rare Victorian lion locket
14 karat gold
This regal and stunning lion locket has emerald eyes and a
diamond in its mouth. This is among the rarest and very finest of
examples for the lion motif in Victorian jewelry .  A  picture of a very
lovely lady is inside. A very intriguing and classic locket measuring
27mm in diameter.
A rare signed Victorian Egyptian revival
Serpent scarab stick pin
18 karat gold
An exquisite heavy 12 karat tricolored rose gold Victorian locket with
a diamond center. In top condition except one area where the  
reverse V decoration is bent on the right . It is rare due to its size
and lovely English rose gold color adorned with yellow and white
gold accents. The inside contains an interesting tintype under the
original glass of a Victorian gentleman. A special and rare Victorian
locket  measuring a large 39mm tall x 29mm wide.
Rare Victorian heart shaped Cherub locket reliquary
14 karat rose gold
A most unusual piece because it contains the relics of two saints.
On the inside are the relics of St. Agnus and St. Rosa which are
protected by the lockets original glass. They are authentic Italian
religious relics issued by the Vatican in the 18th or 19th century,
they were transferred to this Victorian treasured locket in olden
times from the original Vatican reliquary holder as a dear and
valued keepsake. The front has a beautiful enameled cherub
inspired from one of Raphaels paintings. This rare Victorian rose
gold locket measures 20mm tall from the bottom point to the first
loop on top and is 17mm at its widest width.
A lovely Victorian Kathrine the great locket
in 14 karat gold
A crisp portrait locket which  depicts a stunning profile which I am
told could be Kathrine the great. A beautiful piece of art  and
mellow gold tone make this a real treasure. It measures
approximately 28mm in diameter.
Rare large Victorian heavy  rose gold locket
12 karat rose  gold
An extremely rare museum quality figural Victorian brooch
depicting an amazing Georgian scene filled with character. It is
masterfully executed in silver with gold vermeil. A jewelry
researcher found a similar example in an old reference catalog in
England from the Victoria and Albert museum collection dating to
the 1870's.This brooch has ALL the characteristics of that period
including the C clasp. A very scarce, collectible and well made
figural  brooch measuring 50mm wide x approximately 23mm tall.
Very rare Victorian figural Georgian scene brooch
Silver with gold overlay gilding
A beautiful and rare large memento or mourning locket in 12 karat
English gold. It measures 46mm tall  x  34mm wide and depicts a
lovely bird of paradise with a pansy flower done in the most
exquisite stunning enamels the way only the Victorians could
accomplish. It has the original two glasses, one on the inside of
the door and the other inside the main portion of the  locket itself
which has white enameling on the inside compartment. A very
beautiful and hard to find locket in this top condition.
Rare Victorian enamel memento locket
12 karat gold and enameling
Rare Victorian memento locket
12 karat gold
A very rare and large sentimental  mourning locket measuring
45mm wide x 32 1/2mm tall. All 12 karat English gold.  A very lovely
hand motif with a hanging heart and flowers done in exquisite
enamels. This was certainly a cherished piece of mourning
jewelry that once held a token of love. Signs of age some minor
dents around the rim, door closes securely but not perfectly,
overall its in good shape. A real beauty and very wearable.
A very rare 19th century Egyptian revival heavy gold brooch. It
depicts an esoteric winged sphinx head flanked by two white gold
serpents. A classic and quality example of archaeological inspired
jewelry . From wing tip to wing tip it measures about 53mm.
Rare Victorian Egyptian revival
Serpent sphinx head brooch
15 karat gold
c.1860 -1870's
A very rare large 19th century English collar brooch depicting a
stunning miniature on porcelain of Jesus being taken down from
the cross set in a pinchbeck frame. The frame is missing one
decoration and one decoration has been reattached however the
frame is sturdy and strong. This art work is a Victorian masterpiece
done in a most exquisite array of vibrant colors and very rare in this
top original condition, no damage or scratches. It is amazing that a
Victorian woman actually wore this brooch, it measures about
75mm tall  x 67mm wide with the outer ring of the frame, the
porcelain image itself measures 61mm tall x 51mm wide.
Rare Victorian miniature painting brooch
Porcelain and Pinchbeck
c. 1860-1890