Very rare  Georgian fob compass and seal
12 karat gold
A very  large and very rare gold fob from the 1700's. It has a
perfectly working compass set into it like a jewel with a beautiful
enameled dial and  a lovely crossed needle pointer. Finding an
antique compass with an enameled dial is in itself  a rare find!
Finding one from the Georgian period is even rarer !!! The
underside has a fine carnelian intaglio coat of arms that reads
"TENAX PROPOSITY"  which translates from the Latin as "Firm of
purpose".  It measures 40mm tall. The base measures 28mm x
26mm. Imagine an 18th century gent wearing one of these on his
watch chain!
A very rare Georgian dog fob
14 karat gold
A very rare and special example of mans best friend, the only
example of an antique golden retriever I have ever seen in early
jewelry and its Georgian! It shows considerable wear from
approximately 200 years of use, though it is in overall good shape.
It once adorned many a watch chain. The carnelian agate base
has two old chips that are very smooth. It is a  high quality and very
sweet item with an excellent feel. It measures approximately
26mm tall the base is over 24mm wide.
An extremely rare mechanical dice  fob
I4 karat rose gold
An extremely rare 19th century solid gold mechanical dice
gambling fob. It works by pushing down on the lever on the left
which locks, then pushing the button on the right  which releases
the lock and activates three wheels that spin simultaneously on the
inside and stop at a different configuration of dice each time. A
piece like this is quite a treasure. It works perfectly. A beautiful
design is engraved on the back within which is the name "Dela". It
measures 25mm which is just under 1 inch in diameter.
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A hefty agate cameo locket fob of a Roman  soldier
14 karat rose gold
A high relief  cameo carved from a two colored layer of solid onyx
agate set in beautiful rose gold. Its classical motif  depicts a
Roman soldier. Some minor chips and nicks but in overall good
condition. It measures 31mm tall without the loop x 23mm wide.
A very rare miniature lock and key
19th century
Pure coin silver
A very rare miniature lock and key. It was used as a pendant and or
a treasure box lock for jewelry. It is hand made from two English
coins with a blacksmith forged lock  mechanism and original key
that is in perfect mechanical order. It measures 18mm tall from top
of the curved lock bar down. The coins are 16mm in diameter.
Two rare gold bicycle wheels !
14 karat gold red stone center
A very scarce  pair of solid gold early bicycle memorabilia. They both
have the letters LAW on them meaning 'League of American
Wheelers'. The larger double sided wheel fob can be worn as a
charm or pendant and measures 22mm in diameter, it has some
minor chips to one side of the white enamel which does little to
detract from its beauty and is a top notch fob. The smaller one is a
single sided wheel pin measuring 18 & 1/2mm in diameter, its
missing the pin itself on the back which is replaceable but as a
collector item is fine as is. They have a red stone (not glass) at the
center that looks like ruby or garnet. Both are in overall very good
condition. This kind of antique wheel is a symbol of the early bike
race enthusiasts. Early bicycle items like these are very rare,
particularly  these gold pieces which are extremely collectible.
Rare T.O.T.E. indian bust authentic arrowhead fob
c. 1900
14 karat gold and enamel
This rare fob has the acronym TOTE on it  which stands for Totem
of The Eagle, a patriotic society that connects deeply into native
American lore. They were predominantly  an east coast
phenomenon. T.O.T.E.  had ties to the Iroquois confederacy. This
authentic arrowhead is from the Iroquois which was one of the
largest and most powerful tribes of the United States who formerly
occupied vast areas in west and central portions of the state of
New York. The arrowhead is capped with a sturdy and quality 14
karat gold image of a native American chief with an exquisite
enameled headdress dating to approximately c.1900.  From the
way the actual arrowhead is made, its feel and examination under
a diamond loop it is at least colonial period or earlier. The
shoulder of the piece measures 26mm at its widest point x 49 &
1/2mm tall from the top of the gold loop to the point of the arrow.
Rare stone Masonic fob
Bronze and chalcedony agate
A classic and rare Victorian Masonic fob made from chalcedony. It
has a secret code with its lettering which I have not been able to
decipher.It makes for a lovely 19th century charm and is very
collectible. It measures 32mm tall x approximately 16mm at its
widest point.
A rare patriotic eagle fob locket
Gold filled
An antique  fob locket depicting a rare example of the patriotic
American eagle in high relief. Extremely collectible and wearable. It
measures28mm in diameter.
Rare miniature cap pistol  fob
Steel with German silver handle grips
This is a very well made miniature, a rare antique fob in the form of
a working cap pistol. It has mechanical elements (see photo) and
was made to precision . These have been copied in later times
and even reproduced in Japan however this is an original due to
the quality of workmanship, the marking "AUSTRIA" on the top of
the gun barrel and the eloquent scroll work on the handle.
Furthermore under the McKinley  tariff act  all exports were required
to have the country of origin on them. This law extended from 1891
to somewhere in the 1920's . After the 1920's  all exports  were
required to have "Made in" as well as country of origin. This
wonderful fob is an earlier example and measures approximately
38mm wide.
A hefty agate cameo 32 degree Mason locket fob depicting a
Roman  soldier
14 karat gold
A  rare masterfully carved high relief  cameo carved from a two
colored layer of solid chalcedony agate set in a 14 karat heavy gold
masonic locket. Its classical motif  depicts a Roman soldier. One
minor chip on bottom lower left quadrant, not at all detracting as it
is in excellent top condition. This is among the very best quality of
the late 19th century stone cameos. The reverse has the double
eagle with the number 32 for the high degree Mason that this was
made for in Victorian times. It measures 28mm X  21mm.