Very rare racing car stud
Early Art Nouveau era
c. 1907
An extremely rare and collectible collar or jacket button stud from
the Chicago races of 1907. It depicts a race car driver with a
winged helmet. Early races automobilia is VERY hard to come by,
and represents a crucial part of racing history. On the back it says
EHRMAN MFG CO. BOSTON MASS. The image on this is quite
pleasing. It measures 26 and 1/2mm tall x 19 & 1/2mm wide. See
the rare Model T car show stud below.
Rare Model T car show stud
c. 1917
A rare and collectible antique car collar or jacket button stud that is  
an interesting  piece of automobile history. This one depicts a
stunning winged model T motif and is dated from the "1917
PACIFIC AUTOMOBILE SHOW" preview for the "FEB 10 1918"
models! It measures 24mm tall x  23mm at its widest  point.
Please check out the antique solid gold Model T fob locket in my
"Art Nouveau" section.
Rare 19th century French snuff box
15 karat gold rim with tortoise shell inner
c. 1840-1860
A very rare French antique snuff box with a dramatic reverse
miniature painting on glass depicting a scene from the French
revolution. A very intriguing scene at that. The box is made from a
substance unknown to me, it could be resin? It has a definite
tortoise shell liner on the interior. The painting is framed in a circle
of 15 karat gold. Condition is fair to good for its age, an area of
chipping is on a small portion of  the lid and some flea bites to the
glass, see photos. It is in overall good condition and is a wonderful
and classic historical snuff box. The painting is signed "Amoy
auvergne ges olit les e...." I could not make out all of the letters this
is all I could decipher from the writing.  A very collectible treasure
measuring approximately 80mm in diameter.
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Rare Roman period cameo
Ancient Roman cameo
A very rare agate cameo from the Roman empire. It depicts a
goddess bearing a flaming torch with flowing gown and her scarf
blowing in the wind behind her. It is exquisitely carved out of two
layers of color from one solid agate stone. It has been expertly
restored from three pieces though the bottom right section is lost
to time. A similar example can be found in the Metropolitan
Museum of Art in New York. It measures 31mm x 18 & 1/2 mm.
A  very rare ancient Roman period intaglio set in a Georgian 18th
century period gold ring. During the 18th century right through to the
Victorian grand tour archaeological themes were very popular. With
the discovery of Herculaneum and Pompeii a neoclassical revival
took place epitomized by Roman architecture. During this time
authentic artifacts were highly sought after and pieces such as this
were set into jewelry. The intaglio itself measures approximately
17mm x 12 & 1/2mm. The ring size is about 5 1/2.
A rare Art nouveau button hook
Sterling silver
c.1890 - early 1900's
A wonderful example of Art Nouveau form marked "sterling". This
was used in olden times as a shoe button hook and represents
the genesis of the full blown Nouveau movement as such it is an
extremely collectible piece of art. It measures 150mm long.
Rare miniature ivory skull
Meji period 18th century
A very rare miniature study of the human skull carved in ivory.  A
very fine piece of work with very good patina and wear. This motif
was very popular in 18th century Europe and Japan. Due to similar
Japanese antique examples that I have examined, the mastery of
its carving with its natural coloration and mellowing it has been
determined to be from 18th century Japan. This is among the best
example of its type. It measures 23 1/2mm at its widest x 18mm
tall. It rests on a 17th century relic, a Dutch miniature cannon which
was dug up by a metal detectorist and is 40mm long. It served as
a prop for my photos however it is available upon enquiry.
Rare Roman period intaglio in a Georgian bezel
Ancient Roman intaglio