A rare signed world war 2 era American flag
c. 1940's
Sterling silver marcasites & enamel
A rare and top notch American flag with lovely enameling and
marcasites, the top of the pole has a faceted crystal or glass stone.
It denotes movement depicting a proudly waving flag. Items like this
were worn as sweetheart pieces during WW 2 when a loved one
went to war. It is signed with two sideways triangles with the letter
"J" inside of each one next to the "STERLING" mark . It measures
approximately 25mm wide x 21mm tall from top to bottom.
An antique coat of arms of England pin
c. 1900-1910
Marked "Sterling"
The royal coat of arms of England with the lion and the unicorn
done in fine enameling with the inscription "PURITY IS STRENGTH"
It measures 34mm wide x 32mm tall from the tip of the crown.
This is an early 1900's pin depicting the Royal coat of arms of
Hawaii. It is superbly executed in 14 karat gold done exquisitely
with fine enameling. It measures 24mm wide x 24mm tall.
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A very rare and fine Art Nouveau brooch depicting the goddess of
the moon with a diamond star above her head with natural pearls
set into the crescent moon. A top notch example of Nouveau art
and jewelry. It measures 26mm in diameter
A Rare treasured Art Nouveau goddess pin
c. 1900-1910
14 karat gold
A spectacular  Art Nouveau motif!  A goddess with flowing hair
associated with the moon. Quite a change from the Victorian
period where they wore their hair up. It is set with one natural pearl.
It  has a hook at the back for  a chatelain chain, locket or watch.
This magical  Art Nouveau brooch measures 23mm wide x 21mm
An exceptional and  rare Art Nouveau moon
goddess brooch
c. 1900-1910
14 karat gold
A Rare signed Japanese barrett
At or near sterling grade silver
A  rare finely enameled Japanese Art Nouveau  barrett in brilliant
colors. It has a double pin on the reverse with the Japanese
character for pure high grade silver on the back, this  mark
translates as "PURE SILVER", the word  "SILVER" in English is in
between this and  the Japanese signature of the maker. It
measures 49mm wide x 32mm at its widest point.
A rare Art Nouveau goddess with swirling hair
c. 1890 - early 1900's
14 karat gold
A swirly haired goddess with excellent contours. Art Nouveau
jewelry like these are miniature pieces of art. No other art form
uses curves and flow like Art Nouveau . It has a hook at the back for
a locket or watch to hang, they also used to rest part of their long
chatelain chain through it. One natural pearl is set at the bottom.
This stunning brooch  measures 25mm wide x 21mm tall.
Rare royal Hawaiian coat of arms
c. 1900-1910
14-15 karat gold and enamel
A rare Art Nouveau goddess glove clipr
14 karat gold
This is a charming glove clip. Ladies would use these to keep their
gloves together in their bag. She has a very good flow pattern and
is an excellent example. She represents the goddess of nature
which is the basis of all nouveau art. It measures 28mm tall x
15mm wide.
A rare Art Nouveau dragnonfly enamel
c. 1900-1910
"Sterling" silver
This is a rare brilliantly enameled art nouveau brooch depicting
pansies and the much sought after dragonfly motif. It is solid silver
and is marked "STERLING" on the reverse, it has a bronze straight
pin on the back. Its large size and excellent condition makes this
even rarer as early enamel brooches with this motif are very hard
to come by particularly in this top condition. It measures 45mm
wide x 37mm tall.
A rare Art Deco winged goddess
c. 1912-1920's
10 karat gold
This scarce art deco pin is among the rarer examples of its kind.
Its art form is an excellent example depicting the transition
between the Art Nouveau period and the Art Deco period. It blends
the Art Nouveau goddess motif  with her curved hair and the later
third phase Egyptian revival archetype focusing more on triangular
geometry than the swirly curved patterns of the Nouveau period. A
classic highly collectible and wearable piece of jewelry
representing the transition phase into the Art Deco movement. It
measures 54mm wide x 9mm tall.
Rare griffin serpent mythical beast pin
c. 1920 - 1930's
14 karat gold
A rare and unusual enameled griffin.  It has a rich green enameling
and a staff toped with a natural pearl. These mythical beasts were
considered most auspicious and were very popular in Victorian
and Art Nouveau jewelry. It measures 26mm tall x 23mm at widest
Rare four leaf clover brooch
c. 1880-1905
10 karat gold, seed pearls and diamond
A rare Irish four leaf clover brooch with exquisite enameling in
different shades of green. Leaf edges and stem are set with
natural pearls and a beautiful diamond is set at its center. A very
small minor surface chip to the enameling on the lower right leaf is
hardly noticeable. This well made brooch is In excellent top
condition. It is among the best of its kind, the queen of four leaf
clover motifs. It measures 27mm  x approximately 22mm tall.